09/27/2019 // Panel discussion "Governing Risks in the Modern World of Energy" with the support of the General Partner ROSNEFT will be held on October 3, 2019 (16:00 -17:15) within the International Forum “Russian Energy Week” in Moscow

Phenomenal progress in the development and proliferation of energy efficient technologies, an economic breakthrough in renewable energy production (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.), and changes to behavioural patterns in energy consumption have led to a sharp  slowdown in the growth of energy demand across much of the world and a rapid diversification of energy sources in favour of a transition to a low-carbon economy.


The scale of the changes being observed today in the energy sector, and especially in IT development, points to a global energy system that has entered a new stage of fundamental transformation. At the same time, what sets this transformation apart is the fact that its driving factors are not just economic but also, and in fact to a greater extent, non-economic.


What influence is the global energy transformation having on corporate strategies and risk management principles for energy companies? How can operational and financial risk be reduced and investment stability in energy projects be ensured in an environment of sanctions, highly volatile energy prices and other uncertainties? Could insurance be looked upon as a strategic solution to preserve the financial interests of business? How can digitalization be used as a risk management tool for all stages of the production process?


We invite you to discuss these and other issues at the Panel discussion organized by the Institute of Energy and Finance with support of Rosneft. The company pays special attention to the issues of consistent, continuous and integrated developing the corporate system of risk management and internal control, which allows timely and correct response to changes in the external and internal environment, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of activities, maintain and increase the value (value) of assets.


An additional information: https://rusenergyweek.com/en/programme/business-programme-2019/?date=03.10.2019

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